Bill Craddock

Graphic designer and creative director based in the Midlands, with over 25 years experience in both digital and offline media. This site showcases a range of concepts, visuals and finished pieces for a diverse client base from amateur and professional sports bodies to charities, educational and commercial organisations, as well as broader project skills.


Digital Design

Trends in website design have waxed and waned but the key has always been to accurately assess client goals and produce something that directs the user successfully to the right information or the desired action.

Digital Design Portfolio

Brands and Campaigns

Brands from the simplest logo to complex user guidelines covering logo usage, colour and typographic palettes, image styling, print and web page composition, screen and print template usage, and ‘tone of voice’.

Brands and Campaigns Portfolio

Print and Non-digital

A selection of promotional brochures, training manuals, corporate stationery, posters, single sheet flyers and mailers, trade and exhibition displays, as well as templates for in-house print runs

Print Portfolio

Core Skills

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Typography & colour work
Page composition
Image editing and illustration
User experience and interface design
Print artwork & management



Brand generation and interpretation
Campaign development
Copywriting and editorial work

Projects and Clients

Projects and Clients

Project planning and management
Client liaison and project collaboration
Design skills training
Software training
CMS training