Enhancing an existing brand device: variations on the theme

British Gliding were looking to tidy up the existing brand, but wanted some continuity with the existing logo. I took the main shape from the abstract bird/glider device and cleaned it up, as shown below, resulting in a sharper more versatile graphic:

Original logo

Step 1: Single glider shape isolated from the background and cleaned up.

Step 2: Moved furthest wing tip away from body to make the shape easier to read

Step 3: Re-introduced the circular border without the interior gradient to give a sharper more versatile graphic device

Step 4: Added upwards angle to glider shape, added colour and letterforms. Removed the word ‘association’ to give a punchier shape

Step 5: Alternative workings of the device were produced – softened edges, varied typography, position and angle, and re-introduction of multiple glider devices.

Brand guidelines

Examples from the brand manual, including concepts for Junior Gliding