Brand and site development: Hockey Futures

Hockey Futures is an outreach programme to connect with young people through schools, community organisations and hockey clubs, encouraging hockey for all, with a focus on life skills, teamwork, respect and self-worth.

The brief:
• A dynamic visual brand: a distinct but versatile logo, practical typography and colour palette, targeting funders and reflecting the key age group and the values and goals of hockey in the community.
• A simple but visually strong website, targeting clubs, young people in the community, corporate bodies and sponsors -with clear messages and calls to action

Initial concepts

Themes developed here played with typography to integrate with hockey stick devices, action figures and energetic abstract shapes. At this stage colour choice was arbitrary to indicate where colour variation might be used.

Development work

Feedback suggested that the name should be given more prominence for recognition and that the solution should favour options that are simple, legible, softer, rounded edged. For the purposes of the working demos I used a saturated blue and green to soften the overall effect. Further exploration of the colour palette was requested, shown here: Colour Options.

For the logo shape itself I worked on various interpretations of the hockey stick – with playing figures, celebratory action, teamwork metaphors, the ‘hockey-heart’, and emoticons.

Final Logo set

The final version combines action, teamwork and celebration metaphors, with a rounded but legible font. It has a youthful feel to it with lots of energy and it uses simple shapes makes it adaptable across different devices and media. Landscape and portrait versions of the logo were produced as well as the monochrome and reversed out options.

Project launch website

The brand was applied to a single page masthead-driven scrolling site with video and static imagery, key calls to action for partnership and donation, and for hockey clubs to engage in the grant application process. It has strong visual impact but is simple in structure with clear messages and calls to action. The full page is shown broken down into component panels.